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Sunday, 7 May 2017

'On Swiss Time' Gourmet Traveller for Food and Travel Magazine

'On Swiss Time' 
Anthony Lambert and I explore Zurich.
Known for Neutrality, Money, Chocolate and FIFA... 
Zurich, the capital of finance is shedding its staid image and embracing a new ethos celebrating culinary diversity. 

See my new Images of Zurich for Food and Travel Magazine out now!

Antonis Sirmopoulos-Restaurant Razzia-Zurich
Zurich Old Town

Zurich Old Town at night

Deux freres gin - Food Zurich Food Festival - Zurich
Hotel 25th - Zurich

Winterthur-Vollenweider (Chocholate selection)

Cocktails at Hotel Marktgasse-Baltho Restaurant & Bar

Mike Gut owner of Zurich-Restaurant Razzia-Zurich

Rübis & Stübis (Frau Gerolds Garden)-Box Park-Zurich West

Forelle Biau (Poached Blue Trout)-Fischers Fritz (Camp Site Restaurant)-Lake Zurich

Hot Chocolate & Red Currant tart at Conditorei Schobar-Zurich
Filet Mignon at Restaurant Razzia-Zurich

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