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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

‎13,482 mile round trip, 50 degree heat & Mr. Copello/Capello...

After an exhausting month including jobs for Rolls Royce and travel trips to Alaska and Jordan - I'v covered quite some distance both in time, space & temperature! Alaska is absolutely stunning and 9 degrees. Jordan such a remarkable place both geographically and historically has a freak heatwave that saw temperatures of almost 50 degrees!

Driving towards the Syrian boarder to visit the Roman & Byzantian ruins at Gadara is a journey that cannot be missed! Amazing to think that you can sip a cold mint & lime drink in the restaurant here while looking accross the boarder to the Sea of Galelea on one side and the Golan Hights on the other.

In the shops now - see Jordan in all its glory in the latest edition of Food and Travel Magazine

Looking towards the Golan Hight's from Gadara

On a lighter note I spotted this clothes shop in Amman - If you ever wondered what the ex-England manager is doing now...

Very Natty Mr Capello/Copello