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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

FIRE & ICE : North Iceland : Food and Travel Magazine

DPS - Namafjall Hverir, Hot Spring, Northern Iceland.
"Amid the volcanic landscapes and icy fjords of north Iceland is a thriving culture of self-sufficiency, optimism and adventure..." So begins the opening words to my recent pictures for an article in the latest edition of Food and Travel Magazine. 

I should also perhaps add a thriving culture of male Liverpool fans living off the glory days of the 1970's, complete with flares and the odd mullet, but don't let that put you off! Even as a Manchester United fan I was welcomed with open arms to the still remote Northern climes of Iceland.

A place of austere beauty with a legacy of island survivalist culture. In such places old traditions die hard and the food can be interesting to say the least; Smoked Puffin (delicious by the way), singed sheep's head (not so delicious), fermented Skate (an acquired taste) and  rotten Shark (don't bother - lol!). The shark in particular is hung for months until the flesh becomes a cross between tallow and a semi-hard cheese smelling of ammonia. It's a real delecicy in these parts and takes some time and effort to track down, it's only for the men it would seem, more a rite of passage than a meal... or just maybe the women have better sense.
Singed Sheep's Head anyone? Maybe I should do a blog on the weirdest foods I'v been offered...

 'Rotten Shark', air dried in the hanging shed.

I'v always wanted to visit Iceland, and it doesn't disappoint! Austere, yes. Slightly weird, yes. Like it says in the title "Fire & Ice" no room for mediocre it's a place of extreme beauty and it's beautiful in the extreme!

Icelandic horse, Lonkot, Iceland.

Lonkot, Iceland.

Typical coastal view, Northern Iceland.

Namafjall Hverir, Hot Spring, Northern Iceland.