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Monday, 22 July 2013

Latest Images of Sweden for Food and Travel Magazine...

A double feature for Food and Travel Magazine - entitled;  
This one is a gourmet traveller to the beautiful Jamtland area of Central Sweden where I get to eat at the fabulous Faviken Magasinet, Swedens Hottest Restaurant and feel like I'm in an episode of the British re-make of Wallander...

Grass Roofed Houses - Areskutan valley & Lake - Sweden.
DPS - "RAW TALENT" - Gourmet Traveller for FOOD and TRAVEL MAGAZINE - Aug/Sept 2013.

Scallops cooked in their own Juices over Juniper Branches at Faviken Magasinet - Swedens Hottest Restaurant.

Sommelier, Johan Agrell (pictured) together with Chef Magnus Nilsson
run Swedens Hottest Restaurant - Faviken Magasinet.
Crispy Lichens with soured garlic cream - foraged that morning from the surrounding woodland.
Faviken Magasinet Restaurant... Food as pure theater!

Like a scene from the British re-make of Wallander - Jamtland's understated splendour!
Ostersund - Jamtland.

Reindeer wait to cross the road - Havvi Glen - Sami Territory - Oviken Mountain - Sweden.

Are Kafferosteri, Coffee Roasters.
Eva Gerfvert (3rd Best Coffee Roaster in the World) and Per Nordell (Swedens Best Barista).
These guy's really take coffee seriously.

Kall Lake.
In winter, when the lake is frozen over,  home to many a Top Gear Car Test and James Bond Car Chase. 

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