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Friday, 11 February 2011

SINAI DESERT : Wanderlust Magazine

Front Cover of Wanderlust magazine.

Like the reindeer migration - this was more of a life affirming experience rather than just another job but then again I tend to view all of my travel experiences in that way! There was another connection as well, the trip was sponsored by the Makhad Trust, a charity that has strong links with the local Bedouin Tribes of the South Sinai and also links with the Sapmi People of Northern Lapalnd. 
They strive to preserve traditional ways of life by helping the local tribes people with the building of meeting places, wells and the preservation of ancient gardens and Oasis'. A two day desert trek with a couple of Bedouin guides and their camels was a great way to experience their traditional way of life...There is just something about being in the desert that is very special, especially; as the bedouin would say, with your favorite camel...

Making tea in the Makhad, the traditional meeting house of the Bedouin.

Sunrise; Retreat Campsite, Nr. Nawamis, South Sinai.

Camel trek, South Sinai.

This image was used for the magazine dps and also won a Bronze in the Int'l Aperture Awards...
Camel trek, South Sinai.

Camel trek, South Sinai.

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