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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

ISLE OF MAN : Food And Travel Magazine

Quite a contrast really! From driving something like 2000 miles on the empty, wide open, undulating gravel roads of Namibia, safely cocooned in a massive white Hummer, to driving a rather ill designed Ford Fiesta around the tiny, winding roads of the Isle Of Man in the wind and the rain. This job is nothing if not varied... Fortunately petrol is only about 70p a liter in Namibia, ever feel like you're being ripped off...?

Despite the contrast between the IOM and Namibia, all heat shimmer and exoticism on the one hand and gentile charm on the other; the trick for me is to find the familiar just as interesting and unique as the exotic! In fact the IOM is a rather fascinating place, with hills and glens reminding you of a place both physically and metaphorically somewhere between Cornwall and Scotland.

Cregneash Farm, IOM.

In any case the emphasis for this piece was definately to be on the food. Just as well really because we only had a half day of decent weather! And with lots of good fresh produce around - all we had to do was find it...

'Dublin Bay Prawns', Tanroagan Restaurant, Douglas, IOM.

Queenie Scallops, Port St. Mary, IOM.

Scallops with Pesto, 14 North Restaurant, Douglas, IOM.

The full article is out next month in Food And Travel magazine - catch it while it's still fresh!

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