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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

NAMIBIA : Food And Travel Magazine

Main Lodge, Wolwedans, Namib-Rand, Namibia.
Also a good year for me and one of my favorite clients - Food and Travel Magazine. A contributor since 1996, what I really love about the magazine is not only how it looks but the freedom they give me to just do my thing - I always really look forward to working with them because they always send me somewhere interesting and fun! 

Here is an image shot in the Namib-rand while on assignment for Food and Travel in October 2010. We had just made the reserve after an 800 mile drive that day and with about an hours worth of light available until sunset. I thought that the view was pretty good but as I climbed up the sand dune to take the shot - I startled an Oryx that stood and looked at me for a moment then bolted down the dunes - stage left! I just about got three shots away before it dissapeared!  I felt very pleased with myself after that...

It didn't make it into the magazine itself but did pick up a Bronze in the International Aperture Awards - just goes to show what high standards the magazine expect and rightly so...

Here is a shot that did make it into the magazine though...

And this is supper in Namibia...

Mopane Worms, A Namibian Favorite.

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