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Saturday, 23 April 2016

"Bolivian Odyssey - A photographic tour to the high Andes region of Bolivia in March 2016. 
In partnership with High Lives 

Here are some of the highlights from our recent photo tour of this exotic and exciting region of the world.

Bolivia is still a truly exciting travel experience. It has UNESCO world heritage cities of exquisite colonial beauty, A fiercely traditional indigenous population that clings to it's traditions of religion, lifestyle and dress code, the largest and highest salt flats in the world, along with magical high altitude desert regions and colourful volcanic lagoons. Here is a day by day account of the trip.


This mountain housed the worlds largest silver mine - it funded the Spanish empire and reputedly claimed the lives of nine million men - it is called the mountain that eats men!
The beautifully restored convent of Torre de la compania de jesus - houses some of Christendom's most priceless treasures.

Easter celebrations on the streets of Potosi.

So that's where they buy their hats - Central Market, Potosi.
Cerro Rico Mine (The worlds largest Silver mine - known locally as the mine that eats men) - Potosi.

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