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Monday, 27 April 2015

St. Kitts! Where Time Travel is only nine hours away!

St. Kitts! Where Time Travel is only nine hours away!

"What are you doing..." say's Judy to the waitress at Timothy Beach Resort, "Why Mam, I'm just tying your shoe-lace, I don't be wanting you to be tripping and have an h'accident!" "Nobody has done that for me since I was a little girl..." say's Judy, "how kind of you!"

That is just typical however, of the kind-hearted spirit of hospitality that pervades the every-day life of this small but beautiful Island. Where the routine is; Liming an a Friday, recovering on a Saturday and Church on a Sunday!

Once a collection of vast sugar plantation's St. Kitts is now a sleepy, laid-back and rather English place, that is if you think England circa 1960. 

Often thought to be in the shadow of it's very near neighbour Nevis, all that's set to change as St. Kitts gear's up to be the latest playground of the super rich, with luxury resorts like Kititian Hill and Christophe Harbour, rapidly taking shape at opposite ends of the 'chicken drum-stick' shaped island.

Belle Monte Farm, Kittition Hill, St. Kitts - Pool with a view - looking towards the island of Saba.
The ambitious organic farm at Kittition Hill Resort - aims to be the first truly farm to table resort on St. Kitts and will boast the first 'edible' golf course.
At the other side of the island, Christophe Harbour is hoping to appeal to the  yatching scene with luxury developments like, The Pavilion and Salt Plage.

The pool area at The Pavilion - aimed at the yatching crowd.

Salt Plage, part of the Christophe harbour development is a great place to watch the sunset with a rum punch.

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